Lancaster Rose Club members are active

across the state of Ohio

and at

ARS Buckeye District and National rose show events.

We have been blessed by our member's hard work and expertise.

They have received recognition from the following ARS rose shows.


Lancaster Rose Club 51st Annual Competition

Hybrid Tea Court

Dave Ackers won Queen with "Gemini"

Tim Hartranft won King with "Helen Naude"

Tim Hartranft won 2nd Court with "Johnny Becnel"




ARS Buckeye District (Ohio)

(2006 Fall Rose Competition)

Lancaster Rose Club members won 3 of the 4 positions on the Hybrid Tea Court

Tim Hartranft won King with "Let Freedom Ring"

Tim also won the English Box (6 blooms)

Dave Ackers won Princess with "St Patrick" and Prince with "Helen Naude"

Dave also won the Bope Trophy (HT+GF+F) and the Harold Allen Trophy (5 Hybrid Tea Specimen Roses)

John Heffner from Indiana presented an instructional session on rose exhibiting and Marilyn Wellan, President of The American Rose Society, was the featured speaker at the Saturday night awards banquet


Delaware Rose Show

Dave Ackers won Queen, King, 1st Attendant


Newark Rose Society

Dave Ackers won Queen, King, Princess, Prince


Columbus Rose Club

Dave Ackers won Queen, King, Prince, 1st Attendant

Tim Hartranft won 2nd Attendant and 3rd Attendant


Buckeye District annual "Top Gun" meeting in July.

"Queen" (HT) was awarded to Moonstone

grown by David Ackers of Lancaster

Tim Hartranft and Steve Campbell also exhibited.

Lancaster's ARS Judge Bruce Delong attended the "Top Gun" Meeting

Educational sessions were held to increase our knowledge of rose growing and exhibiting.

Four "areas of interest" were presented at the meeting held at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio and attended by approximately 40 persons.

1) Growing Exhibition Roses in Pots presented by Dr. Paul Klinefelter of Waldo, Ohio

2) Grooming Roses for Exhibition presented by Jim Zimmerman of Dayton, Ohio

3) Transportation of Roses for exhibition presented by Brian Burley of Columbus, Ohio

4) Rose Photography presented by Randy Lady of Columbus, Ohio.

The Saturday night dinner at the home of Mark and Marie Jones of Grove City, Ohio featured an informative computer projection presentation by Jim Preston of Louisbille, Ky.

Other sessions included:

"Spraying and Fertilizing" moderated by L. Pavuk, Herr, Jim Englert and Dr. Jim Hering.

"New Rose Evaluations" moderated by Jim Zimmerman, David Ackers, and Tim Hartranft for Hybrid Tea roses

and Sue Dickman, J. Pavuk and Barbara Zimmerman for Mini and Mini-Flora roses


Greene County Rose Society

Dave Ackers won Princess


Centeral Ohio Rose Society

Dave Ackers won Queen, King, Princess, Prince and others