Below are two versions of the same 2014 Buckeye District Fall Program and Show Schedule

Updated as of 7/14/2014.

The first version PDF document "District Program-Schedule" may be printed in total or selected single pages. The document contains Event information, Contact information, Event time schedule, Horticulture Show Schedule and rules, Photography Show Schedule and rules and Arrangement Show Schedule and rules. (42 pages)

District Program-Schedule

The second version PDF document "District Program-Schedule Booklet" will create a 5.5 x 8.5 single fold booklet collated for front and back (duplex) printing. You can print duplex by using a printer that internally can print both sides of the 8.5" x 11" paper or you can print all the odd numbered pages in the first pass, reorder the printed sheets, and run them back through the printer to print the even numbered pages. (21 pages)

District Program-Schedule Booklet

You can also copy the document(s) onto a flash drive or other media and have either printed at a quick copy store or print shop.

The third document is the Single page Registration Form

District Registration Form